Taalniveautoets Engels
Add "a" or "an" to the word.
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
Voorbeeld: Here are some interesting books.
Do you have maps of Amsterdam?
I have money. It's just not a lot.
This is old computer.
There aren't people in that restaurant.
Do you have new bike?
Add "a" or "an" to the word.
U kunt kiezen uit: an - a
Choose the most appropriate response.
Do you play any sports?
    Yes, I football.
    Yes, I play football.
    Yes, I'm playing the football.
Do we know each other?
    Yes, I am.
    Yes, we don't.
    Yes, I am a friend of your brother's.
Where are you from?
    I'm Amsterdam.
    Thank you.
Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
Voorbeeld: Swimming is so fun and it's healthy. I love it.
I don't understand. Please help .
Don't throw glass bottles away! Recycle instead.
This is my brother. Do you recognise ?
Oh no! We're lost! I hope someone helps .
My sister Susan likes you. Give a call this weekend.
Choose the correct form of the verb.
U kunt kiezen uit: be - am - is - are
Hi! How you?
This my girlfriend, Wanda.
Excuse me, you English?
Berlin a big city?
I not married, but I do have a son.
Choose the answer that best fits in the sentence.
I ...... old coffee!
    hate drink
    hate to drinks
    hate drinking
    hates the drink
The French ...... a lot of wine.
    do drinks
    to drink
I ...... on rainy days.
    don't mind working
    do mind to work
    do work to mind
    work to not minding
Toby ...... to classical music.
    likes to hear
    likes hearing
    likes listening
    like listens
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
Voorbeeld: Who is that? --That's John.
did you get this wallet? -- I found it.
old is your sister?
are you crying?
time does the plane leave?
does the train arrive?