Taalniveautoets Engels
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
Voorbeeld: Here are some interesting books.
Do you have maps of Amsterdam?
I have money. It's just not a lot.
This is old computer.
There aren't people in that restaurant.
Do you have new bike?
Add "a" or "an" to the word.
Add "a" or "an" to the word.
U kunt kiezen uit: an - a
Choose the most appropriate response.
What do you do?
    How do you do?
    I'm a student.
    It's a student.
Do you play any sports?
    Yes, I football.
    Yes, I play football.
    Yes, I'm playing the football.
How do you do?
    It's good.
    I'm a student.
    How do you do?
Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
Voorbeeld: Swimming is so fun and it's healthy. I love it.
I don't understand. Please help .
Don't throw glass bottles away! Recycle instead.
This is my brother. Do you recognise ?
Oh no! We're lost! I hope someone helps .
My sister Susan likes you. Give a call this weekend.
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
Voorbeeld: I don't sleep well. I am very tired.
Spanish my first language.
These books Nina's.
you Swedish or Danish?
Can you hear me? I speaking loud enough?
Riding a scooter through Amsterdam not easy.
Choose the answer that best fits in the sentence.
He ...... his girlfriend every day.
    to call
Sharon ...... loudly, but not very well.
Do you like ...... by plane?
Do you ...... the toilet?
    mind cleaning
    mind to clean
    mind clean
    minding clean
Complete the questions with one of the following words.
U kunt kiezen uit: What - Who - How much - When - Where
is the party? On December 1st.
is that? That's John.
is that? That's mayonnaise.
would you like to eat? Spaghetti, please.
would you like to eat? At McDonald's.