Taalniveautoets Engels
Match the phrases to form good sentences.
U kunt kiezen uit: I'll be able to save enough money for a short holiday. - I'll let you know. - I'll drive less. - I'll tell Mom. - I'll try your cooking.
If you keep calling me names,
If I stop smoking,
If you tell me what's in this,
If they raise the price of petrol again,
Don't worry. If you do anything wrong,
Ryan ...... study all weekend for the exam on Monday.
    has to
    have to
    must to
Abigail ...... bother studying for the exam. She'll never pass at this stage.
    hasn't to
    ought to
I ...... get up early for work tomorrow so I'm going to bed early.
    have to
    am having to
When I was young, I ...... my bike everywhere.
    used to ride
    use to ride
    did ride
I ...... to the dentist last week.
    have gone
    used to go
I know you're looking for work. ...... the Internet for websites that list job vacancies?
    Have you used to check
    Did you check
    Did you used to check
    Have you checked
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
U kunt kiezen uit: just - already - yet
I've spoken to your mother. You have to go home right now.
Do I have to stop? I haven't finished .
Can you call Steve? --No need. I've phoned and he's supposed to call me back.
Haven't I made this perfectly clear? You have to pay before you can take part.
We've got reason to celebrate. We've bought our first house.
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
U kunt kiezen uit: much - many - a lot
There's not of interest in learning Japanese these days.
We've had some response, but we haven't seen money actually coming in.
Too people rush through life.
There aren't shoes in my size.
How does a canal house cost?
Indicate the meaning of the capitalized words in the following sentences.
U kunt kiezen uit: spontaneous decision - planned decision - I don't know
May I take your order? --Yes, I WILL HAVE the club sandwich.
I talked it over with Dad. He IS GOING TO LEND me the money.
I know you're broke, but come to the pub with us. I WILL LEND you some money.
I WILL travel to Australia next year.
I AM GOING TO SPEND the weekend in the countryside.
If the lights are on, ......
    John will be home.
    John's at home.
    John home.
If water freezes, ......
    it expands.
    it expand.
    it expanded.
You need to spend time in Holland ......
    if you really want to learn Dutch.
    if you really will want to learn Dutch.
    if you really wanted to learn Dutch.