Taalniveautoets Engels
Match the phrases to form good sentences.
U kunt kiezen uit: I'll be able to save enough money for a short holiday. - I'll let you know. - I'll drive less. - I'll tell Mom. - I'll try your cooking.
If you keep calling me names,
If I stop smoking,
If you tell me what's in this,
If they raise the price of petrol again,
Don't worry. If you do anything wrong,
Ryan ...... study all weekend for the exam on Monday.
    has to
    have to
    must to
I know I ...... stop smoking, but it's so hard to quit.
You ...... drive after drinking.
    ought to
    not ought to
    ought to not
    ought not to
...... any evidence of global warming?
    Have you noticed
    Did you notice
    Did you used to
    Were you noticing
I know you're looking for work. ...... the Internet for websites that list job vacancies?
    Have you used to check
    Did you check
    Did you used to check
    Have you checked
When I was young, I ...... my bike everywhere.
    used to ride
    use to ride
    did ride
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
U kunt kiezen uit: just - already - yet
I've spoken to your mother. You have to go home right now.
Do I have to stop? I haven't finished .
Can you call Steve? --No need. I've phoned and he's supposed to call me back.
Haven't I made this perfectly clear? You have to pay before you can take part.
We've got reason to celebrate. We've bought our first house.
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
U kunt kiezen uit: much - many - a lot
There aren't detatched houses in the Netherlands.
I don't have money. Could I borrow ten eruos?
Twenty five euros for two sandwiches! Food costs here!
There's too information on the Internet.
Are there immigrants in your neighbourhood?
Choose the answer that best completes each sentence.
U kunt kiezen uit: are going to - will - shall - won't - am going to
I am sure he like your idea. I suggested the same thing to him last year and he hated it.
we take a break? Four hours of class is awfully long.
you still be here when I get back?
I go home now. See you later.
We buy a new house soon. We have almost made our decision on where to live.
You need to spend time in Holland ......
    if you really want to learn Dutch.
    if you really will want to learn Dutch.
    if you really wanted to learn Dutch.
If the lights are on, ......
    John will be home.
    John's at home.
    John home.
If water freezes, ......
    it expands.
    it expand.
    it expanded.