Level Assessment Test Engels
Add "a" or "an" to the word.
Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
Voorbeeld: This is a very expensive hotel.
Are there taxis outside the station?
Have you got cigarettes?
John saw Swedish tourists at the airport.
There's lift at the end of the corridor.
They don't have useful information at the tourist office!
Add "a" or "an" to the word.
U kunt kiezen uit: an - a
Choose the most appropriate response.
Nice to meet you.
    Thank you.
    And you.
How do you do?
    It's good.
    I'm a student.
    How do you do?
How old are you?
    I have 25 years.
    25 years old.
    Yes, I'm a student.
Write the plural forms of the following nouns
Voorbeeld: class - classes
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
Voorbeeld: I don't sleep well. I am very tired.
Spanish my first language.
These books Nina's.
you Swedish or Danish?
Can you hear me? I speaking loud enough?
Riding a scooter through Amsterdam not easy.
Choose the answer that best fits in the sentence.
My sister ...... my computer for e-mail.
    to use
    don't use
Do your parents ......?
    like to travel
    likes to travel
    liking travelling
    likes travelling
The French ...... a lot of wine.
    do drinks
    to drink
I really ...... at the gym.
    love working out
    work loving out
    loves work out
    loves out to work
Complete the questions with one of the following words.
U kunt kiezen uit: What - Who - How much - When - Where
is the party? On December 1st.
is that? That's John.
is that? That's mayonnaise.
would you like to eat? Spaghetti, please.
would you like to eat? At McDonald's.