Level Assessment Test Engels
Match the phrases to form good sentences.
U kunt kiezen uit: you will have to pay for it. - you will break her heart. - Mark will phone you back. - we will send you a confirmation letter. - they will wait for you at the station.
If you let them know what time they should meet you
If you leave your number,
If you fill the form in properly,
If you tell your neighbour she's ugly,
If you break something in this shop,
Ryan ...... study all weekend for the exam on Monday.
    has to
    have to
    must to
Margot ...... become a model. She's so tall and beautiful.
    has to
    ought not to
I really ...... finish this project before tomorrow.
    must to
    must have
Donna Tartt ...... a new book. There are ads all over the city for it.
    used to write
    has written
Ever since I can remember, I ...... to go to Australia.
    used to always want
    always wanted
    have always wanted
When I was young, I ...... my bike everywhere.
    used to ride
    use to ride
    did ride
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
U kunt kiezen uit: just - already - yet
I've spoken to your mother. You have to go home right now.
Do I have to stop? I haven't finished .
Can you call Steve? --No need. I've phoned and he's supposed to call me back.
Haven't I made this perfectly clear? You have to pay before you can take part.
We've got reason to celebrate. We've bought our first house.
Choose the word that best completes each sentence.
U kunt kiezen uit: much - many - a lot
There aren't detatched houses in the Netherlands.
I don't have money. Could I borrow ten eruos?
Twenty five euros for two sandwiches! Food costs here!
There's too information on the Internet.
Are there immigrants in your neighbourhood?
Indicate the meaning of the capitalized words in the following sentences.
U kunt kiezen uit: spontaneous decision - planned decision - I don't know
May I take your order? --Yes, I WILL HAVE the club sandwich.
I talked it over with Dad. He IS GOING TO LEND me the money.
I know you're broke, but come to the pub with us. I WILL LEND you some money.
I WILL travel to Australia next year.
I AM GOING TO SPEND the weekend in the countryside.
If water freezes, ......
    it expands.
    it expand.
    it expanded.
If anyone phones,
    tell them I'm in a meeting.
    you will tell them I'm in a meeting.
    you told them I was in a meeting.
If the lights are on, ......
    John will be home.
    John's at home.
    John home.