Konnichiwa Amsterdam! Learn Japanese now at UvA Talen

This year, UvA Talen has added a second Asian language to its course offering. Besides Chinese, you can now also learn Japanese at the academic language centre. UvA Talen is the largest language institute in Amsterdam to offer Japanese language courses.

“Japanese is a major language that is spoken by many people in and around Amsterdam,” says Marcus Hilbers, director of UvA Talen. “We are very happy to add Japanese to our portfolio, bringing the total number of languages that we teach to twelve. Given the various Japanese companies established in Amsterdam, we anticipate a substantial number of people wishing to learn this language.”

Two levels
UvA Talen offers Japanese language courses at two levels: Japanese for Beginners, for people with no prior knowledge of the language, and Japanese Level 2 for people who can already read simple dialogues and short texts in hiragana, katakana and basic kanji. In addition to these group courses, UvA Talen also offers Japanese at any level required as a personal, tailor-made course.

Trendsetter Japan
Since time immemorial, Western culture has been influenced by Japan and Japanese traditions. Today, Japan is a true trendsetter in mainstream culture, with its literature, cinema, anime and cuisine. The country is a crucial player in the world economy. With 122 million native speakers, Japanese is the ninth most important language in the world.

Go to uvatalen.nl/japanese to read more about learning Japanese at UvA Talen.