New language courses in 2018

To meet the growing demand for language courses, UvA Talen is constantly expanding the courses on offer. Course participants often ask if there is a language course at a particular level, or a course that deals with a specific aspect of a language, and we try to meet these needs wherever possible. And sometimes one of our teachers or course coordinators comes up with a good idea for a new course. This month the following courses have been added to our range of group language courses.

Arabic level 6

Four years ago, UvA Talen introduced the course Arabic Beginners, an introduction to the rich language and culture of the Arabic-speaking world. Our students wanted to progress further, so we soon added Arabic level 2 to 5. In the meantime, our Arabic courses have proved so popular that, in January 2018, we added Arabic level 6 to the courses available at UvA Talen.

Russian level 7

Russian is also a fairly new, but in no way insignificant, addition to the courses we offer. In January 2018, we added Russian level 7 to our existing courses, Russian Beginners to Russian level 6. Upon completion of Russian level 7, students will have reached level B2.1 of the CEFR. During this course, students learn to talk about a wide range of topics and to read and understand Russian prose (with the aid of a dictionary).

Japanese level 3

In the summer of 2017, UvA Talen started offering Japanese courses for the first time. Following a number of successful summer courses and evening courses in the autumn, we started offering Japanese level 3 from January 2018. By the end of this course, students will know around 850 Japanese words and 80 to 145 Kanji characters, and will be able to hold short conversations on everyday topics.

Chinese level 5 and 6

Our fourth non-European language has also proved extremely popular in recent years. From January 2018, you can take Chinese level 5 and Chinese level 6 at UvA Talen. During these courses, students learn to communicate in Chinese at a level suitable for travelling.

German level 7 and 8

Specially for everyone who is already proficient in German to a high level, we are offering German courses at level B2 of the CEFR. During German level 7 and German level 8, students learn to speak fluently and spontaneously and to read and write detailed texts.

IELTS Preparation Course

UvA Talen already offered a 10-week course as preparation for the IELTS exam, but in response to a growing demand for a short and intensive IELTS preparation course, we are now pleased to also offer an IELTS exam training crash course. This course prepares students for the IELTS exam in just two weeks.