UvA Talen translates for Historical Museum of The Hague: The world behind a doll's house

UvA Talen regularly translates texts for a large number of museums and cultural institutions in the Netherlands. Recently we received a request from the Historical Museum of The Hague to translate the texts for The world behind a doll's house. For this temporary exhibition a large number of texts needed to be translated from Dutch into English.

The world behind a doll’s house

The exhibition now on show in the Historical Museum of The Hague focuses particularly on the large doll’s house of Lita de Ranitz (1876 - 1960). She built the doll’s house in 1910 and worked on it for the rest of her life. Together with her husband, she collected items such as miniature paintings by famous artists which were hung in the rooms of the doll’s house. In addition to this famous doll’s house, the exhibition also features miniature works by various contemporary artists.

Historical translation

Our English translators were extremely enthusiastic about this 'miniature' topic. Even though they have many years of experience on a wide range of cultural subjects, they learned a great deal from these texts. For example, working on this historical translation gave some interesting insights into the development of The Hague. As Lita de Ranitz lived in this city almost her whole life, various buildings, bridges and waterways were referred to in the texts. It was interesting to find out more about the city's buildings and neighbourhoods in the nineteenth century.

Letters from an elegant lady

The exhibition (and of course the translation) also features a number of letters written by Lita. One of the translators explained how she imagined Lita reading the letters aloud as she wrote, with the voice of an elegant older lady. If the translation sounded 'right' in this voice, she knew it was good.

More information

Intrigued by this exhibition and our translations? You can see The world behind a doll’s house until 10 June 2018 in the Historical Museum of The Hague.

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