Catalogue Modern Life, Edward Hopper and His Time translated

UvA Talen is continuing to make a name for itself in the arts and culture sector. On this occasion, we were asked by the Kunsthal in Rotterdam to translate a substantial catalogue for its exhibition, "Modern Life, Edward Hopper and His Time." The exhibition, which opens in the Kunsthal on 26 September, is on modern painting in the United States during the early years of the twentieth century. Aside from works by Edward Hopper, works by Georgia O'Keefe, Charles Sheeler, and Man Ray will be on display, among others.


We translated the c.250-page catalogue from German and English into Dutch. Although the timescale was extremely tight, as is often the case, we managed to deliver everything well within the deadline. The Kunsthal responded by saying: "Everything was nicely on time, but above all, what a great, readable translation! It's fantastic to receive such high-quality work. Congratulations, UvA Talen!"


Of course, we hope that you will be able to visit the exhibition. When doing so, we'd love it if you were to take the opportunity to have a look at the catalogue, so as to get an impression of the kind of work that we can deliver.


More information can be found on the Kunsthal in Rotterdam's website. Click here to open the Kunsthal's website in a new browser window.