New courses: Arabic, French, Russian and more

To meet the growing demand for language courses, UvA Talen is constantly expanding its course offering. Our course coordinators see that participants sometimes ask for a language course at another level or on a particular aspect of a language, and we do our best to respond to this. And sometimes one of our teachers has a good idea for a new course. In the winter of 2017, the following were added to our group course offering.

French Level 5 and French Level 6
The closing of Maison Descartes in Amsterdam at the end of last year meant there was suddenly a large demand for French courses for motivated students at advanced level. Since January of this year they can take the French courses offered by UvA Talen at Level 5 (CEF B2.1) and Level 6 (B2.2), which are specially for those who are already highly proficient in French.

Arabic Level 4
Three years ago, UvA Talen introduced the course Arabic Beginners 1, an introduction to the rich language and culture of the Arabic-speaking world. The course participants were keen to progress, so we soon started Arabic Level 2 and Arabic Level 3. These courses have in turn proved so popular that from April, UvA Talen will also be offering Arabic Level 4.

Russian Level 5
Russian is also a fairly new, but not insignificant, addition to our course offering. From April 2017, in addition to our courses in Russian, from Beginners up to Level 4, you can take Russian Level 5 at UvA Talen. Participants who have successfully completed this course will have reached CEF level B1.1. This means they can deal with most situations that are likely to arise whilst travelling in Russia and understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

Dutch Business writing
We see that many people who are highly fluent in everyday Dutch have a specific wish to develop their business language skills in Dutch, for example because Dutch is the language used in their place of work. In the course Dutch Business Writing, we concentrate on writing business texts, such as commercial reports, minutes, letters and emails. The first Dutch Business Writing course started in January.

Dutch Beginners II (intensive)
The course Dutch Beginners II is especially suitable for expats who have been living in the Netherlands for some time and have already leant some Dutch. Dutch Beginners II was previously offered as a ten-week evening course, and is now available as an intensive two-week course in which participants can improve their speaking skills, vocabulary and grammar. The course Dutch Beginners II concludes with a test at CEF Level A2, after which participants can go on to the intensive daytime course Dutch Intermediate I.