The advantages of inTense

inTense has helped many course participants to learn a new language in rapid time or to improve their language skills. Why is it so effective? As well as the full-immersion concept, the advantages of the inTense training are:

  1. A personalized programme with an extensive intake

We will compile your inTense week based on your wishes and interests. These are discussed during the extensive intake, which forms part of the programme. The intake consists of a discussion on Zoom and an online test and written assignment, depending on your language and level. We take the results of the intake, add our expertise and experience, and put together a training programme that’s perfect for you.

  1. Varied lessons with a number of teachers

In order to keep the intensive training days varied and challenging, you will be taught by a number of teachers. Each has their own teaching style and expertise. This means you’ll learn exactly what you need to learn, while the programme remains varied and fun.

  1. Intensive supervision from a course coordinator

From the intake right up until the certificate ceremony, you’ll be supervised by a course coordinator, who ensures that the week runs smoothly. You discuss the day’s classes with each other (via Zoom) at the end of each training day. The coordinator keeps track of the training programme and makes sure that there’s good communication between the teachers. As a result, everyone in the team knows what they are doing at any given time.

Contact us

Our course coordinators will be pleased to discuss the various options with you. As we currently have to work from home whenever possible, we can’t be contacted by phone. If you send us an email request to call you, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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