Associations and partners

NUT is the association of Dutch and Flemish University Language Centres. NUT arranges meetings, conferences and full-day themed events for these language centres. Our membership allows our employees to stay abreast of developments in the language sector. In addition to this, the members of NUT contribute towards formulating language policy in education and government in the Dutch-language region.

IN Amsterdam
IN Amsterdam is the service office for international newcomers to Amsterdam. IN Amsterdam helps expats find their way about and get a foothold in Amsterdam. 
To be able to help newly arrived expats, IN Amsterdam collaborates with a number of partners, all of whom have proven experience working with expats; this gives them an acute awareness of the needs of international residents of Amsterdam. We are proud to be a partner of IN Amsterdam.

Language courses

UvA Talen is registered in the Central Register of Short-Term Vocational Education (CRKBO). This means that we comply with the stringent European guidelines for educational institutions. Our CRKBO registration means we can offer our language courses free of VAT, which saves you 21% on the price of your course.

Translation agency

ISO 17100:2015
UvA Talen is an ISO certified company and works according to the stringent ISO 17100:2015 requirements for translation service providers. This standard sets requirements regarding human and technical resources, quality control, project management and general service. The standard requires, among other things, that all project managers and language specialists must be suitably qualified. Annual audits guarantee that our business operations remain clear, efficient and accountable.

VViN is the trade organisation for translation agencies in the Netherlands. One of its objectives is continuous improvement of the service provided by Dutch translation agencies. UvA Talen is a recognised member of VViN and consequently meets all the strict requirements the organisation sets its members. These include, for example, the requirement that all VViN members must be ISO 17100 certified and that they work according to the VViN articles of association, code of conduct and house rules.

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