We provide a wide range of targeted training programmes that are fully tailored to the specific wishes of clients with diverse backgrounds and needs. Most of our programmes focus on improving general language skills, but we also provide training for companies in particular sectors or fields, presentation skills training, workshops, targeted individual training, and training for internationally recognised exams.

Our training programmes are available in no fewer than twelve different languages. As we can fully adapt the training to your specific wishes and needs, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Private courses and in-company training

Our private courses and business training are available both online and on location. ‘On location’ means at our office in the heart of Amsterdam, at the client’s office, or at another location of your choice. We don’t offer at-home tuition, but everything else is possible.

If you choose in-company training, we ask you to provide a suitable classroom. If you opt for in-company training within Amsterdam or the surrounding area, we won’t charge for travel or extra expenses!

You can also opt for a hybrid approach, in which some classes are held on location and others are taught online.

Different forms of training

Our tailor-made training programmes can take all kinds of forms. The standard approach is a result-oriented learning path based on an interactive and dynamic learning method. But you can also choose to go out for the day with your teacher and work on your language skills in practical situations – an approach that’s particularly useful when you’ve already mastered the language you’re learning to some extent. It’s also possible to combine e-learning with in-person tuition.

Experienced, qualified teachers

We work exclusively with experienced, qualified teachers. For each individual or business training programme, we select a teacher with extensive experience in providing training at the desired level, for the right ‘target group’ and in the desired specialisation.

Personal intake

Prior to our tailor-made training programmes, we hold an intake with each participant to determine the student’s exact starting level. The form of the intake is partly dependent on the language to be learned, but it usually consists of an online language test, a (telephone) intake interview, and a language survey or short written assignment. During the intake interview and the language survey, we also cover the objectives, availability and learning style. Based on the intake, we give advice on the duration of the course, the form and, if applicable, the division into groups. This is always done in consultation with the client.

inTense: 5-day intensive language courses

With our UvA Talen inTense programme, we provide high-intensity language courses for business and private students. The training is usually held over a number of consecutive days in the centre of Amsterdam. It normally takes five whole days, but other variants are also possible. During the training, you are fully immersed in the language you wish to learn. The immersion starts in the morning when you first meet your teacher, and continues without interruption until the end of each training day. Language-related excursions and trips in the city can be included in the programme as desired.