UvA Talen is not an advertising agency, so copywriting may not be one of the services that immediately springs to mind when thinking of us. In fact we regularly write newsletters, press releases and promotional material for a large number of clients.

We regularly produce advertising texts, not just in Dutch but also in various other languages - German, English, Spanish and French being the most frequent.

UvA Talen has specialist copywriters who work not only in the language but in the ‘culture' as well. A press release for the French market, for instance, requires a different tone than one for a German or Dutch audience.

Recently we have produced promotional texts on a variety of subjects including tourist destinations, flowers and plastic surgery, as well as writing reports of conferences, master classes and corporate events.

We are often commissioned to do work that falls somewhere in between copywriting and translation: for example, rewriting Dutch publicity material and job vacancy announcements to make them suitable for the English-speaking market.

Contact us to find out about the various services we can provide - with no obligation on your part.