Distance learning: join our online language courses

In addition to our regular courses in Amsterdam, you can also take our group courses in 12 different languages online. The lessons take place in our online virtual classroom, using the same successful formula as our offline courses do. Would you like to start learning Spanish, French or Italian? Or further improve your English or Dutch? Give your skills a boost in your virtual workspace!

Perhaps you'd rather tackle that fascinating new language you’ve had on your bucket list for so long. How about Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic? Join our interactive virtual group courses in online classrooms. Our professionally qualified teachers look forward to welcoming you. 

How do I register?

  1. Enrol here or choose one of the 12 different languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, English or Dutch. Then select your preferred starting date and time of your choice.
  2. You will receive confirmation of your registration. We will also send you an email with instructions and a link for going to the virtual classroom.

How does our online learning environment work?

We use an attractive online platform specially set up for our distance learning group courses. The virtual classrooms offer an easy, intuitive learning environment with the atmosphere of a regular lesson in class. Participants do actually gather – albeit at a distance – and you can take the lessons wherever you wish.

Watch the clip below for an impression of what our online language courses are like:

Our lessons have the following features:

Interactive lessons using video, audio and chat functions

You see and hear the teacher as well as your classmates in little screens within the main screen and they see and hear you as well. The teacher takes the lead in the virtual classroom as they would in a regular classroom. In addition, the convenient chat function allows students to ask questions directly, The teacher can share notes and handouts here, and make written notes.

Visual support via screen sharing

During the lessons, the teacher uses the screen sharing option to make notes on the digital whiteboard, in PowerPoint or in Word. In addition, shared videos and audio recordings provide excellent language learning support. We even offer the possibility to test your level with an online quiz – a fun group activity.

Practice your speaking skills in small groups using the breakout rooms

The breakout rooms option allows the teacher to divide the group into smaller virtual groups for practising speaking skills; while you are in the breakout room you can get direct feedback from the teacher.

In brief, the environment is so lively and fun that the time simply flies by, and when the lesson is over you won't want to leave. Just like a physical classroom.

What students say

The feedback we get from students and teachers who have taken classes in the virtual learning environment is that they experience it to be very natural. You forget the actual distance between all those present in no time and interact with one another as though you were sitting in the same actual classroom. What's more: as there are no distractions, your attention is super focused.

Your language learning experience is just one click away!