Brazilian level 7

Course information

In the Brazilian level 7 course you will take your Brazilian Portuguese language skills to a high degree of proficiency. After this course you will, among other things, be able to:

  • talk about your plans for the future
  • write about something you have done, using the correct time indication (last month, the past year etc.)
  • recognise and use typical Brazilian expressions

Who is it for?

Brazilian level 7 is the right course for you if you can already speak Brazilian Portuguese reasonably well. You are able to use the language flexibly, for example you have little difficulty conducting a conversation, even if the other person is talking fast. You know a lot of Portuguese words, including synonyms, expressions and more difficult words.

What will you learn?

During Brazilian level 7 you will further expand your proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will talk about your plans for the future and learn how to express your wishes, doubts and feelings. Expressing your feelings in another language may seem easy, but it is often something you can only do when you have a greater command of the language.

You will work on your writing skills by writing texts about people, places and events in detail. The texts you read are all related to Brazilian traditions, music and culture. For example, you will read a number of song lyrics and recipes and you will find out more about carnival in Brazil.

You will improve your listening skills by listening to Brazilian music and to conversations conducted at different speeds, so that by the end of the course you will be able to understand even the fastest speaker.

And grammar?

The grammar you learn during this course includes:

  • the use of irregular verbs in the indicative and subjunctive, for example in todos os dias eu passeio com o meu cachorro (every day I walk with my dog) and não quero que você passeie sozinha à noite (I don't want you to walk alone at night)
  • conditional sentences, such as eu não faria isso se fosse você (I wouldn't do that if I were you)
  • compound prepositions, such as além de (past), ao lado de (next to), and em lugar de (instead of)
If you successfully complete this course, you will receive a certificate showing the level you have attained and you will be able to continue to Brazilian level 8.


The intake procedure for this course comprises: intake interview

Course materials

Falar...Ler...Escrever...Português (chapter 15-16)
The course material is not included in the course price. If you choose to follow lessons in class, you can buy your books through us. You then receive them during the first lesson. If you are going to take an online course, you will buy the books yourself.

Schedule and registration

Day(s) Start End Time Hours Price
Thursdays 06 Apr 2023 29 Jun 2023 19:00 - 21:30 25 425 Enrol NOW!