Chinese level 7

Course information

The Chinese level 7 course is intended for students with a fair knowledge of Chinese. To take this course your Chinese proficiency should be at intermediate level. For example, you can already converse reasonably fluently on topics involving your daily life (hobbies, work and preferences).

During Chinese level 7 you will further expand your proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Besides general vocabulary, you will learn expressions and terms that you can use in business communication.

Once you have completed this course you will be able to use Chinese in daily life, for example ordering food in a restaurant, conversing with an acquaintance or explaining your symptoms to a GP. You can also get along in business situations, such as pitching your ideas in a meeting, providing supporting arguments and responding orally and in writing to questions or responses.

Grammar covered during Chinese level 7 includes sentences using ba that indicate direction or consequences, and the constructions 如果 and 只有...才.

The end level of Chinese level 7 is equivalent to level 3 of the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test (600 words). This level is comparable to level B1 of the European Framework of Reference.

The course material is written in English, so a basic understanding of English is needed.

If you successfully complete this course, you will receive a certificate showing the level you have attained and you will be able to continue to Chinese level 8.


The intake procedure for this course comprises: intake interview

After you have registered for this course, we will invite you for an assessment to determine your level. We recommend that you enrol at least two weeks before the start of the course. If you enrol later than this, we cannot guarantee there will be time for the intake procedure.

If you have completed the Chinese level 6 course at UvA Talen, an assessment will not be necessary.

Course materials

Standard Course HSK 3, € 30 (chapter 14-20)
The course material is not included in the course price. If you choose to follow lessons in class, you can buy your books through us. You then receive them during the first lesson. If you are going to take an online course, you will buy the books yourself.

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