Japanese level 2

Course information

The course Japanese level 2 is intended for students who already have a basic knowledge of the Japanese language. You should already know the simplest and most important elements of Hiragana and Katakana, and be able to use basic grammar.

During Japanese level 2, you will develop your reading and writing skills, broaden your vocabulary by learning more verbs and adjectives, and learn essential grammar. Combined, these skills will give you the ability and confidence to respond to different situations, for example by expressing your feelings using simple structures or by giving your opinion about familiar topics.

After successfully completing this course, you will know approximately 330 Japanese words. You can learn 60 Kanji characters through self-study. Your teacher will be happy to provide you with the information needed to support your efforts. The end level of this course is equivalent to half of level N5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

The course material is written in English, so a basic understanding of English is needed.

If you successfully complete this course, you will receive a certificate showing the level you have attained and you will be able to continue to Japanese level 3.


The intake procedure for this course comprises: intake interview

After you have registered for this course, we will invite you for an assessment to determine your level. We recommend that you enrol at least two weeks before the start of the course. If you enrol later than this, we cannot guarantee there will be time for the intake procedure.

If you have completed the Japanese Beginners course at UvA Talen, an assessment will not be necessary.

Course materials

Genki I, € 60 (chapter 4-6)
The course material is not included in the course price. If you choose to follow lessons in class, you can buy your books through us. You then receive them during the first lesson. If you are going to take an online course, you will buy the books yourself.

Schedule and registration

This course can also be taken as an intensive summer course.

Day(s) Start End Time Hours Price
Mon-Wed-Fri 08 Jul 2024 29 Jul 2024 09:00 - 11:30 27 575 Enrol NOW!
Mon-Wed-Fri 05 Aug 2024 28 Aug 2024 09:00 - 11:30 27 575 Enrol NOW!
Mondays 30 Sep 2024 02 Dec 2024 19:00 - 21:30 25 575 Enrol NOW!
Day(s) Start End Time Hours Price
Mondays 08 Jul 2024 09 Sep 2024 19:00 - 21:30 25 525 Enrol NOW!
Saturdays 31 Aug 2024 02 Nov 2024 09:30 - 12:00 25 525 Enrol NOW!
Mondays 30 Sep 2024 02 Dec 2024 19:00 - 21:30 25 525 Enrol NOW!