New: English Creative Writing and advanced courses in Spanish and Swedish

Are you just back from holiday and would you like the holiday feeling to linger just a little longer? Have you acquired a taste for Spanish or would you like to perfect your Swedish? We have good news for you: as from October, UvA Talen will be offering advanced courses in Spanish and Swedish. Besides this, we are expanding our range with an English Creative Writing course.

Advanced Spanish courses

Spanish remains a popular language. Not only is Spain one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, it is also an excellent study or work destination. To help you prepare well for a working or internship stay in Spain, in addition to our Spanish courses at beginners and intermediate levels, we now offer two proficiency-level courses: Spanish level 9 and Spanish level 10.

The objective of these courses is to further expand your Spanish language skills. Topics such as career, education, economics and the environment are covered and you will learn how to give a detailed presentation, conduct an interview and write a poem or news report. Conducting debates in business and writing a short story or an article giving your opinion also form part of these proficiency-level courses.

You can find the complete range of Spanish language courses in the menu on the overview page Spanish language courses.

Additions to the range of Swedish courses

In view of the great interest in our Swedish courses, UvA Talen has expanded the Swedish course range with four course levels. If you have reached level A2, you can do Swedish level 4, Swedish level 5, Swedish level 6 and Swedish level 7 to reach level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Depending on the course level you choose, during you next holidays you will be able to easily express yourself, hold conversations about topics familiar to you, write a letter of application or explain your point of view extensively in Swedish.

English for those wielding a creative pen

For the creative writers among our students, we now also offer an English Creative Writing course. At last there is a course to help content creators, bloggers, marketing specialists and other creative writers improve their English language skills. This course will pay specific attention to the creative writing process and, besides grammar and various styles of writing, will also cover general topics such as dealing with writer’s block or collecting material.

Of course, you could always first improve the level of your general language skills by taking one of our English Language courses.

More information

In addition to the courses mentioned above, we will be further expanding our range of language courses in 2022. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram for all the updates. Are you looking for a language course that we don't offer yet? We'd love to hear from you!