New: high-level Dutch courses

As from September, we will be offering two high-level general Dutch language courses. Once you have completed the Dutch Proficiency 1 and Dutch Proficiency 2 courses, your proficiency in Dutch will be virtually faultless.

Courses at C1 level

The Dutch Proficiency courses are taught at C1 level, the penultimate level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. At this level, the emphasis is on learning to be flexible in your use of the Dutch language. For example, you are able to express your thoughts fluently and spontaneously without too much obvious effort at this level.

Look here for a comprehensive description of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Dutch Proficiency 1

During the Dutch Proficiency 1 course you learn to speak about a wide range of subjects. You also learn to strike the right tone and respond effectively when someone speaks to you. After completing the course you will be able to read a great variety of texts, and to write about various subjects. You will also be able to understand long, complicated texts and business emails.

More information about Dutch Proficiency 1.

Dutch Proficiency 2

After completing Dutch Proficiency 2 you will read letters, emails, novels, articles and columns with ease. You will have no difficulty understanding business correspondence and be able to respond to it appropriately. If you are interrupted, you will easily be able to resume the conversation and pick up the thread.

More information about Dutch Proficiency 2.