New language courses in 2021

Is your New Year's resolution for 2021 to learn a new language or improve your language proficiency? Then UvA Talen has just what you need! This year we are offering more choice in language courses than ever before. In 2021 we have expanded our range of courses with the following:

Japanese Fluency

Since the introduction of our Japanese courses a few years ago, learning Japanese has continued to be popular. In addition to our general Japanese courses, you can now also take two Japanese Fluency courses: Japanese Fluency N5 and Japanese Fluency N4.

The aim of both courses is to help you speak Japanese with more self-confidence. You will earn all about pronunciation, intonation, typical expressions and common words. Once you have completed the course you will be able to express yourself in Japanese in various situations. In the Japanese Fluency N5 course you will learn to speak at beginner's level. The level of Japanese Fluency N4 is slightly higher and includes how to use various polite forms in Japanese.

You can find the complete range of Japanese language courses in the menu on the overview page Japanese language courses.

Extra focus on the Swedish language

From now on you can choose from Swedish courses at five different levels rather than four. To ensure a solid foundation, the Swedish courses have a stronger focus on level A2. We have split the Swedish level 2 course into Swedish level 2 and Swedish level 3. This enables you to work on your Swedish at a more relaxed pace. After the Swedish level 3 course, you will have a thorough and complete knowledge of basic Swedish. Perfect for if you are a regular visitor to Sweden!

Advanced Arabic courses

Do you speak Arabic at intermediate level, and would you like to progress further? Now you can! This year we are expanding our range of Arabic courses to include Arabic level 7 and Arabic level 8. During the courses, you will improve your Arabic at high level by talking and writing on socially relevant topics such as endangered animal species and environmental pollution. Even more than previously, you will be immersed in the Arabic language as the teaching materials are almost totally in Arabic.

Additions to the range of Brazilian Portuguese courses

Following the successful start of our Brazilian Portuguese course alongside European Portuguese, we are expanding our Brazilian Portuguese courses with two higher levels. The Brazilian level 7 course and Brazilian level 8 course are taught at level B2. Once you have completed these courses you will be able to speak Brazilian Portuguese fluently and with self-confidence in any situation.

You can find the complete range of European and Brazilian Portuguese language courses in the menu on the overview page Portuguese language courses.

More information

In addition to the above courses, we will be further expanding our range of language courses in 2021. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the updates. Are you looking for a language course that we don't offer yet? We'd love to hear from you!