Sworn translations

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If you need a sworn translation of an official document, you’ve come to the right place. The sworn translators at our language agency can translate various kinds of documents for you, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, CVs, employment contracts and medical documents.

Language combinations

In principle, UvA Talen can deliver sworn translations – a.k.a. certified translations in any language combination, as long as a sworn translator is registered for that combination in the Netherlands. The most sought-after language combinations, such as to and from Dutch, English, Spanish and Arabic, can be delivered quickly and at a low rate. We also offer competitive rates for other language combinations.

Request a quote to find out how much your sworn translation will cost.

Sworn translations: the process

Once you’ve agreed to our offer for a sworn translation, a sworn translator will start working on your document.

When the translator has finished the translation, it is stamped and signed, and a statement is attached to it. From then onwards, this sworn statement forms part of the document. That’s why sworn translations are always delivered on paper.

We can send the translation to you by (registered) post, but you can also pick up the translation from our office in the centre of Amsterdam. If you need the translation quickly, this can save valuable time.

What is a sworn translation?

The clue is in the name! When producing a sworn translation, the translator ‘swears’ under oath – by using their unique stamp and signature – that the translation is a literal and correct reproduction of the text in the original document. In order to be permitted to do this, the translator must be sworn in by a court of law.

The sworn translation must reproduce everything that is in the original document, including any errors!

Sworn translations are used for formal, legal purposes. That’s why most sworn translations are of official papers and documents. Sworn translations can also be made of sensitive reports, however, in order to guarantee that the original content has been reproduced literally and in full.