Tailored courses

Besides our popular group courses, UvA Talen also specializes in personalised, tailor-made courses in English, Dutch and many other languages.

We regularly organise unique, special courses geared completely to your specific requirements, each with varying backgrounds and needs. Some clients require industry/subject-specific training courses, others prefer to focus on fluency lessons, presentation skills, or exam preparation classes. Possibilities are legion, as each tailored course is designed to meet your particular requirements and schedule.

Contact us to talk about your wishes and goals to allow us to design your course.

inTense: Full-immersion language courses

We regularly set up highly-intensive Full Immersion courses for people who can only free up limited time in their busy calendars and wish to immerse themselves in the language they wish to learn from dusk till dawn for a week. This course brings language to life because you will start applying everything you learn on the spot.

Find out more about our intensive full-immersion courses.