Our translation agency is permanently closed.
Our translation and editing services are being continued by

AVB Language Group BV.
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UvA Talen has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading translation agencies in the Netherlands. Operating under the name UvA Vertalers until 2007, we have established a cast-iron reputation as the provider of high-quality translation and editing services for the business market since the mid-1990s. Our translation department has continued to grow since 2007 as part of UvA Talen.

As a new customer, you will receive an introductory discount of 10% on all your translations.

Translation services and specialisms

We translate any conceivable kind of documents, including manuals, websites, brochures, press releases and books or other types of publications. We can provide you with specialist translations in other fields too, for example legal, technical or medical. We take pride in delivering smoothly flowing texts, whether for a specific target group or the general public.

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ISO 17100:2015 certificate

UvA Talen is an ISO certified company and works according to the stringent ISO 17100:2015 requirements for translation services. This standard sets requirements regarding human and technical resources, quality control, project management and general service. The standard requires, among other things, that all project managers and language specialists are suitably qualified. Annual inspection guarantees that our business operations remain clear, efficient and accountable.

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Our translation clients

UvA Talen is the translation agency of choice for major leading companies and organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. We have exclusive contracts with various partners to provide all their translation work.

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