UvA Talen translates GDPR privacy statements

On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. As part of this regulation, businesses are required to inform their customers about their tightened privacy measures. UvA Talen not only had to formulate its own privacy policy, but was also asked by various customers to translate their privacy statements.

European regulation

The GDPR is a European regulation that deals with information security. This regulation ensures that the same privacy legislation applies across the whole of the EU. One aspect of the GDPR is that businesses are required to inform their employees and customers about the way in which they store and process their personal data. For international businesses this means they need to communicate their privacy policy in several languages.

Legal translations

These were busy weeks for the UvA Talen translation agency as the legal translators were engaged in translating privacy statements and confidentiality agreements for many customers. The translators were also asked to translate and edit a range of GDPR-related texts such as letters, emails and press releases. For legal translations it is extremely important that the message is conveyed correctly and consistently, whatever the language. So these assignments formed a nice challenge for the legal translators.

UvA Talen translates GDPR privacy statements

More information

UvA Talen has a large pool of specialised, professional translators and editors and has ample experience of translating legal texts in a wide range of languages, including the popular language combination Dutch – English. Do you have a legal text that needs translating? Then request a no-obligations quote right away, or contact the Translations department.