We have improved our English courses!

Starting in October, a new method will be used for the English-language courses and the course structure will change. Besides, several new courses have been added, including Everyday English and an exam preparation course.

Cambridge English Empower

From October, Cambridge English Empower from Cambridge University will be used during the English-language courses. Empower combines challenging subjects with official test materials, ensuring consistent and measurable progress. The assignments are designed to encourage classroom interaction and are tailored to suit different levels. For example, students may be asked to write a blog or ‘teach’ a grammar lesson. For home study, there are listening and pronunciation exercises and accompanying videos available online.

More time for each level

All of our courses are designed for motivated students and the course material is handled at a fast pace. In order to guarantee a solid grounding, we will be spending more time on each level in the English-language courses. For example, the popular English Upper Intermediate course will be divided into English Upper Intermediate 1 and English Upper Intermediate 2.

Onze Engelse cursussen zijn vernieuwd!

New courses

The new course structure has also provided an opportunity to introduce some new courses. Starting in October, students with no knowledge of the English language can take the course English Beginners and students wishing to boost their active English language skills can take the course Everyday English.

Cambridge exam preparation

Starting in October, students can prepare for the Cambridge C2 Proficiency Exam with UvA Talen. The Cambridge Proficiency Exam Preparation is suitable for students who have mastered the English language to a very high level and who are planning to take the C2 Proficiency exam.

More information

All new course dates are now online, so you can already register for the new courses.