Weekend courses at UvA Talen: a convenient solution for busy professionals

At UvA Talen, we understand the challenges that busy professionals and full-time students face when trying to fit language learning into their hectic schedules. With this in mind, we’ve created the perfect option for you… weekend courses!

Starting on May 25th, our weekend courses offer a more flexible solution allowing you to immerse yourself in a language, moving up a level in just 10-13 weeks without the stress from your work calendar. Whether you just moved to The Netherlands and you’d like to learn Dutch, or you’d like to start on another language like Italian, Swedish or Japanese, we have both online and in-class course options for all 13 available languages at UvA Talen. 

Start: 25 May

Price: from 495 EUR

Weekend courses in all languages

All of our weekend courses are held once a week on Saturday, in the morning or the afternoon. This gives you plenty of time after each lesson to do your homework and to digest what you have learnt – time that you are sure to need. We are offering online weekend courses in all of our 13 languages; EnglishDutchSpanishItalianFrenchGermanPortugueseSwedishRussianChineseArabicJapanese, and Korean, and our in-class weekend options are offered for Dutch and English only. 

Enrol in a weekend course now

To find your weekend course, go to the group course page and click on the language you’d like to take in the orange bar. The table at the bottom of each course page shows the various starting dates and times of the lessons.


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