Arabic language courses

Arabic is the fifth most commonly spoken native language in the world and the official language of over twenty countries. Arabic is a fascinating language to learn: It has an abjad script where each symbol stands for a consonant, and it is written from right to left.


Arabic courses on six levels

UvA Talen offers Arabic courses on six levels, from Arabic Beginners, for those who are completely new to the language, to Arabic level 6 for those who can already read simple dialogues and short texts in Arabic.


During the courses, students will work with different course books and additional material developed exclusively for UvA Talen by our Arabic language teachers.


Focus on everyday language

While other Arabic courses often emphasize grammatical details that most native Arab speakers do not actually use in everyday communication, the Arabic courses at UvA Talen focus on everyday language and practical communication skills. Students will also learn about different aspects of Arabic culture.


The variety taught in our Arabic courses is Modern Standard Arabic, the language used in the media and understood in all Arab countries.