Chinese language courses

Please note that the language of instruction is in the target language where possible. For Chinese the course materials are in English. However, some course materials and/or instructions for the lower levels (beginners 1 and/or 2) may be in Dutch. A reading knowledge of Dutch and English is recommended for our Chinese courses.


China captures the imagination with its fascinating contrasts. A modern-day global economic force that proudly upholds ancient traditions. Naturally, a good way to start learning more about China is by taking Chinese. You will study Standard Mandarin, also called Simplified Chinese. This is the standard dialect of Chinese that is widely understood throughout mainland China.


UvA Talen offers Mandarin Chinese language courses which focus on all aspects of the language. During the lessons, we emphasise daily conversation skills. We also create an active language environment for you to use Chinese for communication involving modern language tools and apps, such as WeChat, Pleco and audio and video materials. In addition, we cover the Chinese characters and their cultural and historical aspects, and you will learn efficient methods to read them. You will also learn to type the characters on computers and phones, which makes writing more accessible and fun. All the courses are taught by professional and experienced teachers who are Chinese native speakers.


Furthermore, we train for the HSK exams (a globally recognized Chinese proficiency test) during our regular lessons, by helping you systematically build up vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. From level 2, we start using a sample test from the HSK exam as our final test at the end of each semester.


If you are an absolute beginner, join our beginners course to gain a sound understanding of the basis of the Chinese language, enabling you to go on to become a more proficient user of Chinese (level 2 or higher). More advanced courses can be organized based on participant demand.