English language courses

UvA Talen offers an extensive programme of English language courses in Amsterdam. The general group courses are taught at several levels, ranging from absolute beginner to highly advanced. We also offer diverse specialised courses and exam preparation.


English as an international language

English is an important imternational language in business, academia and of course when on holiday and when travelling. So it is hardly surprising that our courses appeal to a broad public. We welcome international students and professionals who come to Amsterdam to improve their English. Besides this we have many Dutch people on our courses, for example students who want to improve their academic English skills or members of the business community who want to work on their English fluency.


General English group courses

All general English group courses focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Grammar and vocabulary are also covered as components of the skills. The courses use the Cambridge English Empower teaching method. This method was developed by Cambridge University. Although the courses are intended to improve your general English-language skills, the levels also correspond to the official Cambridge English Qualifications.


Specialised English courses

We have a number of specialised courses for students who want to concentrate on a specific aspect of the language. These include courses with a particular focus on business English, academic English or English fluency skills.


Exam preparation for IELTS and Cambridge

If you are planning to take the IELTS exam or the Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam and would like to prepare as well as possible, UvA Talen offers special exam preparation courses. In addition to the four individual language skills for the exam (reading, writing, speaking, listening), you will also learn general exam skills.