French language courses

At UvA Talen, you can follow French courses at six different levels. For those who still need to learn the basics of French, we offer a beginner course: French beginner 1

Those who already have knowledge of the French language, can choose from one of the courses starting from level A1 (pre-intermediate) to level B2.1 (advanced). These courses follow an internationally recognized standard: the European Framework of Reference, developed by the Council of Europe. 

At the end of each course, there is a final test. If you pass this test, you will receive a certificate. You may then also progress to the next level.


You will systematically build your vocabulary and your practical knowledge of French grammar. During the lessons, the teacher will make use of a standard coursebook. However, this by no means  implies that all lessons are the same! Role plays, short presentations, and audio and video recordings are just a few examples of the various work forms used. 


Our teachers are experienced and knowledgeable: they act as your personal coach. Naturally, the success of any course will also depend on your own input.