German language courses

Germany is an innovator when it comes to technology and (sustainable) energy, a major player in the global economy and one of the Netherlands’ most important trading partners. It comes as no surprise then that many UvA Talen students want to improve their German for professional or academic reasons.


UvA Talen offers German courses at eight levels, from German Beginners (A1.1) to German level 8 (B2.2). The courses will enable you to improve your vocabulary and practical knowledge of German grammar in a systematic way.


German immersion from the start

The German group courses will be using Begegnungen, a German-language teaching method published by Schubert-Verlag. This ensures that you will be immersed in the target language from the start. Following a teaching method, though, does not mean that all the lessons will follow the same pattern. The stress will be on oral exercises, and lessons (at the more advanced levels) will include role play and brief presentations.


Lessons will be given by teachers with experience and expertise who are native German speakers. As a result, the cultural aspects of life in Germany will be extensively covered.


Higher levels and specialised courses

Are you looking for a course at level C1 or higher? If there is sufficient demand, UvA Talen can arrange a group course at a higher level, for example for students who have completed German level 8 and wish to continue their studies. If you are interested, please contact us.


UvA Talen also offers general and specialised courses tailored to the needs of individuals or in-company groups. Further information on the options can be found under Corporate/Individual.