Portuguese language courses

Our Portuguese group courses incorporate all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. You will systematically build your vocabulary and your practical knowledge of Portuguese grammar.


During the lessons, the teacher will make use of a standard coursebook. However, this by no means implies that all lessons are the same!


Role plays, short presentations, audio and video recordings are just a few examples of the various work forms used.


Standard Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese

During the Portuguese language courses, you will be taught by teachers with experience and expertise who are native Portuguese speakers. The courses are suitable for people who want to learn standard Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese, as the grammar rules of both kinds are largely the same, with a few minor differences. 


When registering for the course, please indicate which kind of Portuguese you wish to learn. The teacher will prepare the lessons according to the preference of the majority of the group. During the lessons the differences in pronunciation and vocabulary will be addressed as necessary, giving you a basic knowledge of both varieties to meet your specific needs.